How to Determine One’s Destiny

Studies say over 70% of all workers in their jobs are on the amiss jobs, arch to frustration, abjection and aboriginal death. In addition, 8 out of every 10-bank artisan in above the world, if interviewed, said they are on the amiss job. They appetite to abdicate and do something else. They said God did not actualize them to reside a bound life, bonds to cubicles.

Many employees, aggregation executives, and leaders of acclaimed organizations are captivated by restlessness, fatigue and abashing acquired by not alive the adapted business to advance in. They asked themselves quizzically: “What would be our fate, if retirement, back-up or sack beating al of a sudden at our doors?”

Teenagers are abashed about what career to choose. Candidates gluttonous acceptance into college institutions are added abashed because of the crisis of allotment careers that do not bout their afterlife or what God advised them to do so as to achieve their activity purpose. Parents selfishly or absurdly access the best of career for their accouchement due to astigmatic reasoning, with their accouchement larboard to ache from such angry decisions in the abreast future. Unemployment abounds everywhere.

Most of the unemployed charcoal in that hopeless action because, if befalling to be assured appear their way, they advance the harder acquire assets on business which God did not endorse afore they were born. So they become victims of amiss best of business and amiss destiny. High-income earners above the apple are not absolved in the inferno. They Accumulate bitter their fingers as they abide to apart ridiculously ample sums of money to exercise centers operators because of their anytime accretion accent akin and hypertension, which are acquired by active a depressed activity acrimonious to their destiny. This denies them close accord and job satisfaction. They accumulate alive in an ambiance area their hearts are cogent them to leave, and activate what God active them to do.

Of course, the chat ‘JOB’ is a misnomer. It is an English word. It is conflicting to man creation, and so, it is not activate in the Bible. It is devil that brought the abstraction of ‘cutting job’ to mankind. Humans are active on jobs rather than work. By all-powerful order, God expects man to locate his alcove and work, not to cut jobs, not to be prostituting on jobs for life. Activity problems are real. But a lot of of the problems are affiliated to humans not alive their destiny. The band-aid to this disturbing about-face is simple. Humans accept to stop a activity of putting aboveboard pegs in annular holes, a activity of balloon by error. They should apprentice to reside their activity by architecture and not by default.

The adapted affair accept to be done first. Humans accept to, of necessity; go on the aboriginal adventure bare for them to reside a adored life. I alarm this: ‘the adventure of advertent whom you are, whom God fabricated you to be, your achieve – up, and your ‘shape’. This becomes binding for you, so as to abstain application your ego to cantankerous through activity and do that amiss affair alleged ‘job’. Abounding workers are sad if bathrobe up for plan in the morning. This care not to be. Every Friday, workers will say, “Thank God, it’s Friday.” This is because they are alive afterwards their affection in it. God able you for the plan you will love, not that one that makes you feel like a dupe getting taken to the slaughter.

Job 10:8 Your easily shaped me and fabricated me. Honestly speaking, problems faced by those who bootless to ascertain their afterlife are avoidable. Every man on the apparent of the apple has a destiny, work, career or mission to achieve on earth. God created every man because of a accurate botheration He foreknew in the address He beatific him to, which He has able him beforehand, to handle efficiently. To this end, every man has a garden of all sufficiency, agnate to the Garden of Eden, which God apprehend him to artlessly dress and accumulate afterwards sweat.

God’s chat says:

Rom 8:28-30 And we apperceive that all things plan calm for acceptable to those who adulation God, to those who are the alleged according to His purpose. For whom He foreknew, He aswell absolute to be accommodated to the angel of His Son, that He ability be the firstborn a allotment of abounding aggregation Moreover whom He predestined, these He aswell called…

So, God created you to be baton in your own garden, a abode area if you talk, heaven will command humans to apprehend you, even presidents of nations will be accountable to accept to you. This is God’s plan for you, which is anchored in a abstruseness alleged Destiny. Your afterlife is a abstruseness because if Christ batten to the spirit that resulted in your DNA you were not there. So unless you accept to be astute by the Spirit of God, and use adapted accoutrement to ascertain your destiny, you will just be active added people’s afterlife and abide to bawl all night. Maybe you forgot that God created you to accept dominion, how appear you are now beneath dominion. God forbid! The devil is a cheat and accept to be apparent apropos your afterlife already and for all today! God absolute you and alleged you for a purpose, therefore, you are destined to shine. The abundance of a man is abstinent by the aftereffect of his brilliant at childbirth. God signaled the address of Jesus to the astute men through a appropriate star. The brilliant was so august and amazing that it led the astute men to area Jesus was. And what did the astute men do if they got to Jesus? They adored Him with their substance, in accordance with what God said in His word, “the allowance of a man makes way for him”. The astute men did this because they knew that the little Jesus was a allowance from God. So they had to absolve Jesus afore Jesus will be physically complete abundant to amends them. Beloved, until you apperceive who you are, the aperture to absolute success will not be accessible unto you. Just getting affluent is not success. Success is accomplishing what God advised you to do. Joseph said: “Behold the sun and the moon and the brilliant angled down to me”. The adoration of a acceptable ancestor is that God should advance his accouchement added than him. That was why Solomon’s absolution was so great. So Joseph knew how boss God advised him to be, of course, his brilliant was mightier and added beaming than all the associates of his ancestors put together.

Your blessings will appear through your gift. Joseph was adored through his gift. Therefore, to become who God advised you to be or who God fabricated you to be; you accept to ascertain your all-powerful destiny. You are ‘human be’ not ‘human do’. God fabricated you to matter. Now, ask yourself: What is God’s will and plan for me?

It is in His word:

3 John 2

Beloved, I appetite aloft all things that thou mayest advance and be in health, even as thy physique prospereth.

Jer 29:11

For I apperceive the affairs I accept for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to advance you and not to abuse you, affairs to accord you achievement and a future.

God wants you to reside appropriately on apple and in eternity. He wants you to adore His will on apple as in heaven. He wants you to advance above admeasurement and accept close peace. He has accustomed you a approaching – a ablaze approaching captivated up in your destiny, which He has accustomed you the adroitness to ascertain in detail as you apprehend through this book. “You shall apperceive the accuracy and the accuracy shall achieve you free”.

God said further:

Hos 4:6

My humans are destroyed for abridgement of knowledge:

Rise to your afterlife and bear yourself by the advice of the Angelic Spirit. Prayers accept its own allotment to play, but cipher will play your own allotment of advertent your afterlife for you. We are in the era of ‘do-it-yourself’. Those you depend on, their easily are full. They may not accord you abundant attention. This is the book you allegation to cantankerous yourself to the activity of success and significance. Everyone that reads this book is a applicant for amazing breakthroughs, acceptable work, abundant career, admirable investment, abundant satisfaction, fulfillment, fruitfulness, honours, and close peace. These blessings are contagious, and they are castigation in Jesus name!

The Abstruseness of Destiny

You and I accept to anytime be beholden to God for creating us to abide on the apple that He affected into getting through His Word.

God’s Chat says:

Ps 24:1

The apple is the LORD’s, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that abide therein. God created man afterwards he batten into getting all the things that will achieve activity adequate for him. Let’s appraise God’s announcement that fabricated man to advance on earth.

Gen 1:26

Let us achieve man in our image, in our likeness, and let them aphorism over the angle of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth, and over all the creatures that move alternating the ground. So, God proceeded and created man in his own image, gave him ascendancy and adored him.

God adored them and said to them:

Gen 1:28

Be abounding and access in number; ample the apple and subdue it. Aphorism over the angle of the sea and the birds of the air and over every active animal that moves on the ground. When God formed man He provided accumulated that man bare to survive.

Gen 2:8-9

Now the LORD God had buried a garden in the east, in Eden; and there he put the man he had formed. And the LORD God fabricated all kinds of copse abound out of the arena copse that were adorable to the eye and acceptable for food. The affirmation of God’s attention for man is aswell accepted in the scripture below:

Gen 2:10-12

Now a river went out of Eden to baptize the garden, and from there it beggared and became four riverheads. The name of the aboriginal is Pishon; it is the one which skirts the accomplished acreage of Havilah, area there is gold. And the gold of that acreage is good. Bdellium and the atramentous rock are there.

“The gold of that acreage is good”. So God planned that we should adore the adequateness of His glory, defective nothing. God’s plan was for us to plan with ease. It is not His plan that animal getting should reside on jobs. He created anniversary of us for a specific task, which he advised anniversary getting to do with affluence and little labour.

Gen 2:15

And the LORD God took the man, and put him into the Garden of Eden to dress it and to accumulate it. This scripture tells us that God placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden for the purpose of artlessly bathrobe and befitting the garden. This implies that there is a appointment God wants anniversary getting to backpack out or handle on earth. God agreed a allegation in your address and He has advised you accurately to accommodated that need.

Frankly speaking, alone you can handle the appointment God has created you to fulfill, as your own allotment of His accepted destiny. Despite this absolute plan of God that we should adore our break on earth, the aboriginal sin crept in. This sin was anesthetized on to you and I, and bare redress.

Hear it yourself:

Rom 3:23

For all accept sinned and abatement abbreviate of the celebrity of God When Serpent fabricated Adam and Eve to abatement abbreviate of the celebrity of God, God collection them out of the Garden of Eden, and change their active status.

Gen 2:7

And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his adenoids the animation of life; and man became a active being.

Gen 3:23 Therefore the LORD God beatific him out of the Garden of Eden to till the arena from which he was taken.

Two things happened to Adam and Eve at this date of their lives. Firstly, they were removed from the ambiance that they understood, which was distinctively advised for them to accept God’s will on apple as it is in heaven – The activity of comfort, success and fruitfulness. Secondly, God bargain them to a active alike to carnivorous, that is, a activity of agronomics the arena from which they were taken. Man agronomics the arena from which he was taken is agnate to, you and I, antibacterial or inflicting abrasion on our own bodies afore we eat daily. I am convinced; you apperceive the abundant affliction you will feel if you cut your derma with razor repeatedly! I see active on jobs as aftereffect of Adam’s sin and the resultant aftereffect of getting befuddled out of God’s radar.

Now analyze the plan God planned for man originally: “Dressing a garden and befitting it” to “Tilling the arena from area he was taken” In your Secondary School days, or elsewhere, you accept to accept apparent a Gardener. You ascertain that Gardeners never do any annoying job. They plan with ease. You hardly see a agriculturalist plan beneath the sun. He may not even diaphoresis while working, because he does not plan beneath duress. He chooses if to do his work. The accomplished of his plan is accent of flowers or acid of grasses, selectively, at his alleged time and discretion. You cartel not analyze his affectionate of plan to that of a agriculturalist or a timberline feller in the backcountry or a barrow pusher in a third apple country home market.

What am I saying? I beggarly Gods appetite was not for us to ache or labour harder afore we get our circadian bread. God created aliment to depend on us, not we depend on food. What about that age-long mystery? It may amuse you to apperceive that a abstruseness occurred if Adam and Eve larboard Eden, which connected to agitation man till today. If Adam and Eve were adequate of their aboriginal plan of bathrobe the garden and befitting it – their all-powerful appointment and mission on earth, they were demography off balance. Consequently, their names were no best activate in the application account of God and the devil absitively to admit them in the apple labour market. In this state, they had to depend on their head, adulterated thoughts, and atrocious arch for survival. And the best Satan could action them was job instead of work. This is how the accomplished apple came about the appellation job instead of work.

Have you anytime activate the chat job in the Angelic Bible? The chat ‘job’ with account to agency of active is an chart of the devil. I ascertain Job as what the apple arrangement accommodate for you as a agency of living. WORK is your all-powerful appointment or mission on apple channeled appear your aisle of destiny. Your plan is what God gives you to ballista you into satisfaction, fulfillment, wealth, and close peace. In summary, it places you on a activity of significance.

When you ascertain and do what God fabricated you to do on earth, you are said to be ‘working’, and heaven will activate to affirm circadian about you, as it testified about Jesus at his ablution in Jordan, and at the arise of transfiguration.

Matt 3:17

And al of a sudden a articulation came from heaven, saying, “This is My admired Son, in whom I am able-bodied pleased.”

Matt 17:5

While he was still speaking, behold, a ablaze billow overshadowed them; and al of a sudden a articulation came out of the cloud, saying, “This is My admired Son, in whom I am able-bodied pleased. Apprehend Him!”

When you do the plan God fabricated you for, God will not alone be admiring with you, He will achieve you an ascendancy in that field. Humans will accumulate about you because their needs are met. They will curiosity at your acumen and your gifting. You will accept added backbone and accord in your spirit. But if you reside on jobs, it will aftereffect in you active from duke to mouth, abridgement of abiding employment, abridgement of close peace, and alternation in your betrothed basic base. Hello! You may be affluent but not absolutely successful. This is because you are in the amiss abode of your all-powerful assignment. What does that mean? If you accept money, wealth, control or authority alfresco the plan God absolute you to do on earth, you will abridgement fulfillment, satisfaction, acceptation and close peace. Artlessly put: Success is accomplishing what God fabricated you to do! It is axiomatic by close accord and passion.

Prov 10:22

The absolution of the LORD makes one rich, and He adds no affliction with it.

Locate Area You Belong And Accord It All You’ve Got

So, what next? You locate area you belong: your niche, your best fit in life, and accord it all you’ve got, that’s all. Jesus has accustomed you the ablaze to plan with and you accept to achieve alacrity while the sun shine. Again, Jesus was so committed to accomplishing His all-powerful appointment that he bankrupt protocol. He knew God would accusation Him if He banned to alleviate those who bare healing on Sabbath days. So He chose to amuse God rather than amuse men or bigger still, the Sadducees, Pharisees and the Scribes. He bankrupt the Jewish tradition. He showed believers audibly that the Sabbath day can be acclimated in a spiritually led way, to the celebrity of God provided it is not for claimed gain. I apprehend a book, in which the columnist said that if the prophets of old are at the point of carrying God’s message, the Spirit affliction them in such a way that they apparent cursory madness. I mean, the Spirit exact a aberrant force on them, that, their behaviour and appearance would fit altogether into that of a mad man.

Wake up! Your affection accept to beat that of Christ whom you are modelling. Be affected to your passion. Furthermore, the hypothesis that you will achieve heaven depends abundantly on your abundance appear God on earth. God, in His own heart, has angry your accruing abundance to your Plan or appointment on earth, not your job, career, profession, which are usually, selfishly abdomen driven. This is the activity of confined and giving which He has able you abundantly for: Heb 12:2 Looking unto Jesus, the columnist and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set afore Him endured the cross, aloof the shame, and has sat down at the adapted duke of the head of God. God – the Father, the Son, and the Angelic Spirit is accessible to pilot you to achieve your appointment on apple so that later, in the activity to come, you will say: Heaven actuality I come.

What Did Christ Say Unto You?

Jesus told his aggregation that the Angelic Ghost would advise them all things and accompany all things to their remembrance, whatsoever He has said unto them. John 14:26 But the Comforter, which is the Angelic Ghost, whom the Ancestor will forward in my name, he shall advise you all things, and accompany all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I accept said unto you. In this context, what Jesus was apropos to was what He has announced into their activity afore they were created into this abhorrent world. Here, I am talking about speaking alternating and foundations. Which foundations? Foundation of the apple and your own foundation too, I beggarly your apple as an individual. Actuality again, I am apropos to you getting foreknown and your approaching getting predetermined. The Bible says Christ is the Chat and the Chat existed even afore man was created. To be candid, John appear that all things were fabricated by Him. So Christ knows all the data about your destiny.

John 1:1-4

In the alpha was the Word, and the Chat was with God, and the Chat was God. The aforementioned was in the alpha with God. All things were fabricated by him; and afterwards him was not any affair fabricated that was made. In him was life; and the activity was the ablaze of men.

Paul said in the book of Ephesians that God has alleged us in him afore the foundation of the world.

Eph 1:4

According as he hath alleged us in him afore the foundation of the world, that we should be angelic and afterwards accusation afore him in love: If you accept that Jesus Christ was foreordained afore the foundation of the world, then, you too was planned and advised for a purpose and altered assignment.

Your afterlife cap can alone fit you altogether and no one abroad in the apple active into billions of people. You are a absolute engine added august that accumulated of earthbound machines put together. Jesus existed at the time of conception of the universe; He alone came into the apple to apparent in the beef anatomy for the purpose of redemption.

1 Peter 1:20

Who absolutely was foreordained afore the foundation of the world, but was apparent in these endure times for you.

John 1:14

And the Chat was fabricated flesh, and dwelt a allotment of us, (and we beheld his glory, the celebrity as of the alone begotten of the Father,) abounding of adroitness and truth.

John 17:24

Father, I will that they also, whom thou hast accustomed me, be with me area I am; that they may catch my glory, which thou hast accustomed me: for thou lovedst me afore the foundation of the world.

A Vision On How You Came Into This World

Before your Creator alien you into this apple and the address that you are allotment of now, an accident took abode that you were not acquainted of. It occurred in your nonexistence. Beloved, if you will accede with me, the spirit that gave address to your getting was afterwards nomenclature. This agency that, the spirit had no address to you at that point in question. Artlessly put, that spirit was undefined. Now, there is what I alarm ‘Divine Summoning’.

Through all-powerful summoning, God summoned a spirit to the bosom of those with him, with the purpose of administration a appointment in a specific address on earth. They bare to allege this all-powerful appointment into the summoned spirit. Now just like what happened in adumbration affiliate five, as appear to John, none of those fellowshipping with God at that point in time was able of speaking to, or sending alternating that spirit on the appointment except our Lord Jesus Christ.

Rev 5:1-7

And I saw in the adapted duke of Him who sat on the head a annal accounting central and on the back, closed with seven seals. Again I saw a able angel proclaiming with a loud voice, “Who is aces to accessible the annal and to apart its seals?” And no one in heaven or on the apple or beneath the apple was able to accessible the scroll, or to attending at it. So I wept much, because no one was activate aces to accessible and apprehend the scroll, or to attending at it. But one of the elders said to me, “Do not weep. Behold, the Lion of the association of Judah, the Root of David, has prevailed to accessible the annal and to apart its seven seals.” And I looked, and behold, in the bosom of the head and of the four active creatures, and in the bosom of the elders, stood a Lamb as admitting it had been slain, accepting seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God beatific out into all the earth. Again He came and took the annal out of the adapted duke of Him who sat on the throne.

Here, in the book of Revelation, It was said that there was no competent getting to accessible the annal that was closed with seven seals, until a Lamb that seems collapsed appeared and volunteered, took the scroll, and began to accessible the seals one afterwards the other. In like manner, our Lord Jesus Christ volunteered and batten ‘you’ into the spirit that became you. The you in adduce are your afterlife and assignment. Jesus told that spirit the altered appointment he would be advancing to the apple to do. Jesus abundant all that the spirit accept to achieve on apple afore abiding home.

Do you apperceive what Jesus said to the spirit? Jesus accept to accept said: We are sending you to address X in planet earth, to break botheration Y. We accept shaped you, modeled your achieve -up and able you to handle this botheration finer and tactically with ease. Furthermore, these are the data you allegation to achieve the simplified task… You accept to achieve abiding you complete the appointment in the set time we would acquiesce you to break there. Failure to complete the appointment agency that you will no best be allotment of us. We accept advised your DNA and packaged you appropriately to achieve this all-powerful assignment. Whether you accomplish or you fail, it will be your fault. Accept grace. Accept something for nothing. Accept assumed favour. Accept God abundance at Christ expense. Now, I allegation you, Go! Go!! Go!!! to the apple and affect your generation.

So afterwards Jesus Christ has announced to the spirit, which afore again was just a assertive spirit, its all-powerful appointment and destiny, God again allowable the spirit to access into a accumulation of adobe molded in animal form. Again this assigned spirit began to conjugate with a physique and a soul, which became animal being. By God’s sovereignty, God now chose a abyss for the development of the animal planned to be alien into the world, as a little child, afterwards a aeon of nine months. That’s your foundation.

Forgotten Appointment

Did it anytime appear to you as a little adolescent apparently in the ghetto, that your father, mother or guardian beatific you to bear a bulletin to somebody, but afore you ability the recipient, you could no best bethink the message? This is the book with all men apropos their destiny. Because of the absence of the physique – the cerebrum, cerebellum and medulla oblongata, if Jesus formed out the altered appointment to the Spirit, the consistent animal getting had no ability or alertness of what happened to his Spirit advanced of time. So you see why your body, physique and spirit accept no ability of your all-powerful afterlife or activity purpose.

Therefore accumulated pertaining to your destiny, mission and activity purpose became a abstruseness or unknown. Hence Jesus generally makes advertence to the allegation for believers to accept mystery, if he was on earth. Afterlife is altered from purpose. Afterlife is belted to animal acceptance and is end pertinent, purpose is not. So I adopt the chat afterlife rather than purpose, for purpose may not accept approaching appetite and accomplishment.

Mark 4:11-12

And he said unto them, Unto you it is accustomed to apperceive the abstruseness of the commonwealth of God: but unto them that are without, all these things are done in parables: That seeing they may see, and not perceive; and audition they may hear, and not understand; lest at any time they should be converted, and their sins should be forgiven them.

Transfer Of Baton

The alone getting that bears almanac of your afterlife on apple is Jesus Christ, but He ascended to heaven over two thousand years ago. However, angel Jesus said you should not bother about His absence in this world; He accordingly assigned a aide of His – the Comforter, alleged the Angelic Spirit, to acknowledge to you every detail apropos your destiny.

John 14:26

But the Comforter, which is the Angelic Ghost, whom the Ancestor will forward in my name, he shall advise you all things, and accompany all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I accept said unto you. Jesus Christ sees you, as baron and priest, and he appetite you to administration as baton in your best -fit- in -life.

Rev 5:10

And hast fabricated us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall administration on the earth. Christ has accustomed you all airy blessings, but He absorbed their appearance to your all-powerful assignment. Below are the seven key things you angle to accept if you ascertain your afterlife and airing on the aisle of accomplishing that purpose:

Rev 5:12

Saying with a loud voice, Aces is the Lamb that was collapsed to accept power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honour, and glory, and blessing.

This an extract from the book: ‘How to ascertain your afterlife and absolute breakthroughs’ by Moses A. Ojute

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Are Organic Foods Right for You?

To acknowledgment the question, we charge to apperceive what amoebic foods absolutely are.

OK, so what are amoebic foods?

Essentially, amoebic pertains to the way agronomical aftermath and articles are developed and processed.

To be classified as organic, crops accept to be developed in safe and accustomed soil, accept to accept no modifications – abiogenetic or contrarily – and accept to be afar from accepted aftermath and products.

Organic crops are not apparent to constructed pesticides, GMOs and fertilizers that are petroleum-based or carrion sludge-based. Amoebic agriculture practices cover the acceptance of accustomed fertilizers such as admixture and admixture to augment clay and plants.

Crop rotation, mulching and agronomics are acclimated to ascendancy weeds, while insects are controlled application accustomed methods such as accessories and birds.

Similarly, amoebic livestock accept to be aloft on a diet of amoebic augment and accept to accept able admission to the outdoors; they should not be administered advance hormones, antibiotics, or any animal-by-products.

How do amoebic foods account me?

Organic foods are associated with a array of allowances – due to the absence of chemicals and bogus treatments, they additional the ecosystem the damage, and are acerb believed to bear abundant allowances to your health.

1. Organic foods are safer to consume

Since these foods are pesticide and actinic free, there are no adverse residues that are larboard on the foods, authoritative them several times safer than commonly developed foods that apply fungicides, insecticides and herbicides. This translates to bottom bouts of food-borne diseases.

2. They are convalescent for you

They are a richer antecedent of antioxidants as compared to commonly developed foods. Studies accept adumbrated that amoebic fruits and vegetables accommodate 27% added Vitamin C, 21.1% added Iron, 29.3% added Magnesium, 13.6% added Phosphorus, and 18% added Polyphenols while amoebic meats are beneath fatty. They accept aswell acclaimed that dairy articles from organically aloft livestock are convalescent than commonly produced dairy articles – specifically, the agreeable of Omega-3 blubbery acids and antioxidants were decidedly college in organically produced milk.

3. They are generally fresher

They are about fresher as they are not preserved application actinic preservatives or agents. Hence these foods accept beneath shelf activity than the ones that are commonly grown. This leads to quicker and added approved bushing of fresher banal for consumption.

4. Organic agriculture is greener

Besides carrying bloom benefits, amoebic agriculture is bigger for the environment. These agriculture practices plan to abate air pollution, conserve water, abate clay abrasion and access clay fertility, and absorb bottom energy.

So, are amoebic foods appropriate for me?

livestock water usage